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Promotion and Tenure Workshop

Each year, the Office for Faculty Advancements hosts a workshop on Promotion and Tenure. The link below will take you to information about upcoming and past workshops.  

P&T Workshop Information

Provost's Annual Memo on Promotion and Tenure

This memo should be read by all faculty members seeking promotion or tenure. It covers all of the steps and guidelines for the process. 

Read the 2023-2024 Memo

Promotion and Tenure Process Diagram

This top-down flow chart shows each stage of the promotion process, along with responsible parties and an estimated timeline. 

View the Diagram

Dossier Checklist

Use this checklist to structure appointment, promotion and tenure dossiers and to ensure completeness. 

View the Checklist

Policies Relevant to Promotion and Tenure

Academic Area Advisory Committees

Promotion and Tenure Outcomes