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Role of the Faculty Systems Coordinator

As the Faculty Systems Coordinator for Office for Faculty Advancement, Megan Lucy identifies trends, patterns and relationships in the faculty records, assists OFA leadership in faculty data preparation, interpretation, and reporting (in collaboration with IRADS) and assists OFA leadership in designing and supporting faculty lifecycle workflow products. In collaboration with Enterprise Applications Group, she coordinates the usage and maintenance of the Faculty Database, Effort Planning System, and Faculty Success. 

Megan Lucy Headshot
Megan Lucy
Faculty Systems Coordinator
(859) 218-2740

Faculty Database

The Faculty Database is a proprietary database system developed by UK Enterprise Applications Group to house data related to faculty demographics and credentials. It is used in support of SACS Accreditation to document that our faculty have the appropriate teaching credentials for their discipline and that changes in faculty appointments are approved by the Provost and Board of Trustees. 

Resources related to the Faculty Database may be found in the Office for Faculty Advancement SharePoint site. Contact Megan Lucy if access is needed. 

Questions regarding the Faculty Database may be sent to Margaret Leach (Non-healthcare colleges); Charlotte Baker (Healthcare colleges), or Megan Lucy (operational questions). 

Effort Planning System

The Effort Planning System is the system of record for faculty distribution of effort as defined in UK Administrative Regulation 3:8- Faculty Workload Policy.  Individual records are updated and maintained within the colleges. Questions about reporting and operations may be directed to Megan Lucy. 

Faculty Success (Formerly Digital Measures)

Faculty Success by Watermark is a faculty activities reporting database used by many of UK's colleges in support of faculty performance review and college level reporting and accreditation. Data regarding faculty teaching assignments, teacher course evaluations, grant funding, peer-reviewed publications, and distribution of effort are brought in from their systems of record and additional data regarding other activities performed by faculty are added either by the faculty themselves or college staff depending on college practices. These data can then be used to generate individual level reports for performance review or aggregate reports for units. 

Resources related to the Faculty Success may be found in the Office for Faculty Advancement SharePoint site. Contact Megan Lucy if access is needed. 

Ad-Hoc Reporting on Faculty Data

In cooperation with Institutional Research, Analytics, and Decision Support (IRADS), Office for Faculty Advancement also prepares and interprets reports based on the data in the above databases (among others) to assist university leaders in decision making and understanding of the faculty body. 

Specific data requests may be sent to Megan Lucy.